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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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an armed intruder... a vicis we were just turning off the tv and getting ready to go to bed, we heard a shouting noise >> an armed intruder, a vicious defense by two teenaged girls! and new a search for a dangerous prowler. >> it's quite offensive. but you don't realize it, i guess. >> no doubt ! but in politics, is it fair to ask a woman if she's just too old? >> we've gotten control back to the customer. >> the growing and very hot business of protecting your business. i'm dana king. a body found on a hillside on the edge. the cal campus.
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the grim discovery came after a group was out for a walk and then noticed someone was missing. >> reporter: that's right. and firefighters just arrive ing on scene a short time ago. if you look over my shoulder. you can get a glimpse of them hard at work trying to recover the body of a 20-year-old man who apparently fell while he was hiking with friends in this area. the friends called police when he disappeared on their hike. police found his body 200 feet down a ravine. they are trying to figure out if indeed he lost his footing and fell. he was pronounced dead at the scene. because of how rough the terrain is, firefighters are having to assist to extricate the body from the area. it happened on the property of the uc berkeley campus. but the person who died was not affiliated with the university in any way. they have not yet identified him. and so far there are no signs that this was
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foul play. two women home alone managed to fight off a prowler who broke into their apartment and tried to attack them. it happened late last night in san rafael. the women left some tell-tale marks on the suspect. >> reporter: they sure did. this is quite an amazing story. these two women, ages 18 and 19 are probably alive today because of a cellphone and their attacker's knife. >> reporter: neighbors in the playa del rey apartments recall hearing something unusual last night. deborah thinks back. >> when we were just turning off the tv and getting ready to go to bed, we just heard like a shouting noise. and we just assumed it was neighbors. >> reporter: police say deborah may have been hearing the shouting cries for help from two young women, ages 18 and 19 after a man broke into their
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apartment. police say these were quick-thinking women. when this suspect broke into the apartment, one of the victims grabbed a phone, called 911 immediately. the other victim who was being attacked was able to turn the knife back on the suspect, stab him several times in the chest before he took off. police say he took off wearing a black hoodie covering his face. >> it's kind of scary when you have young people in the house with you too. >> reporter: and despite being very shaken, these women gave police a very good description. the suspect, described as a hispanic male between the ages of 19 and 25. he's around 5'6" with a thin build, high cheekbones and sunspots on his face. he suffered stab wounds and wounds to the face. police are alerting nearby hospitals in case he tries to seek medical attention. one of america's biggest cities is facing a serious safety problem.
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a shortage of police officers. facing lower wages and cut benefits, more officers in san jose are resigning. there are new less than 1,000 officers in that department available for full duty. and only 70% of those are out on the street. cbs 5 reporter kid doe says there is a silver lining. >> reporter: he caught a burglar red-handed in his bedroom. >> surprising. you don't expect somebody in your home that doesn't belong there. >> reporter: he used to be the neighborhood watch vice president and says there have been about 10 break-ins in the past six months. >> we're a very large city with a very small force. when things go wrong, we need officers there to support us and be the law. >> reporter: san jose police have written a special memo to the city. >> the numbers are not good. and they are not
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going to be good for some time. >> reporter: they went from a high of 1 four 20 officers to 194 today -- 1,094 today. minus detective, the port staff, and administration, you're left with just 583 officers for patrol. >> there is no wiggle room. any time you move personnel out of here, you're robbing peter to pay paul. >> reporter: council member pete constant who chairs a safety committee says the reports should help save police jobs. >> i would be shocked if there's layoffs in the next round. we can't afford to do that. and i don't think there's anybody on the council that would even consider supporting anything like that. >> reporter: the department has been trying to fill in the gaps with overtime which has been leaving the officers exhausted and injured: and the department says this is something they cannot keep up forever. there
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is some relief. another 60 officers should be graduating from the academy and hitting the streets by summertime. crews in daly city, weatherization, stacking bails of hay and clearing out storm drains. the hay will contain #34ud and keep it from -- mud and keep it from doing more damage. >> we're going to take our tv camera to go into the pipe itself and get to the storm drain and identify where that is. and based upon where it's located, we can divert water to that location. >> an 8-inch cast iron pipe ruptured yesterday sending 45,000 gallons of water and a 300-40 chunk of hillside into the neighborhood. nancy pelosi is staying on as house leader. then came a
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question about her age. the >> next! >> pelosi, who is 72, was clearly irritated. cbs 5's elizabeth cook on the question, the answer, and the bigger picture. >> reporter: well, pelosi said she is staying on because there is still work to do. then the temperature of the room changed all because of a question that inferred it was time for the congresswoman to let the younger folks have a chance. >> reporter: emily post taught us never question or ask a woman about her age. apparently, this reporter didn't read her book. >> you're all over 70, is it time -- >> you're suggesting that everybody step aside? >> i'm simply saying, does it delay younger leadership from moving forward? >> let's for a moment honor it as a legitimate question. [ laughter ] >> although it's quite
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offensive that you don't realize it, i guess. [ laughter ] >> the fact is that everything that i have done in my almost decade now of leadership is to elect younger and newer people to the congress. >> i think it's offensive because it's often tailored toward women. and there's a lot of male senators. >> reporter: london braid was just elected to the board of supervisors in san francisco. at 38, she is considered principally a teenager in the political world. but she says, age is a virtue. >> as a young girl, i always admired here, and have a tremendous amount of respect for her. >> reporter: pelosi talked about the numbers of women in congress, and for the first time ever, women and minorities will make up the majority of the democratic caucus! white men are the new minority. cbs 5 political analyst joe tumen says
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we aren't there yet. >> you'll know this is no longer an issue in this country when we're not doing stories about this anymore. when it's not remarkable. when we don't refer to someone by genderizing them in some way. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is one of the biggest fundraisers for the democratic party. some say her decision to stay on just gives republicans more fuel to their fire. technically she needs to win a leadership vote to stay on. but democrats say she's a lock. after years after telling you all the doom and gloom, i had to do a double-take on this one. california may soon have a budget surplus! legislative budget analysts say the deficit will be about $1.9 billion this fiscal year, and we could see surpluses by 2014! a few months ago, we were talking about a $16 billion deficit. >> we have to pay down our
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debts. we borrowed from the schools, we borrowed from the redevelopment fund. the economical recovery bond, we borrowed from the people, and we borrowed from local government, and we got to pay that back. >> a lot of the revenue will come from the prop 30 tax hikes which voters approved last week. california, one step closer to obamacare. the state's health board approved a detailed operational plan to set up an insurance marketplace for affordable healthcare. governor brown will forward that plan to the obama administration on friday. that is the deadline for states to notify the federal government whether it will establish healthcare exchanges. if there's one teachable moment in the petraeus affair, it probably has something to do with the dangers of e-mail. >> and a new warriors arena on the embarcadero would bring
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plenty of fans to san francisco, but what about jobs? >> the amount of rainfall that we're frafrting has not change -- forecasting has not changed, but the amount of time we'll be dealing with it has.
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israel has killed the leadef hamas' armed wing. this video released by the israei army shows the moment a mise a torrid set of air strikes by israel has killed the leader of hamas's armed wing. the moment a missile hit the commander's vehicle in gaza is caught on tape. more than 50 air strikes were launched. president obama spoke with the
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leaders of israel and egypt. he reiterated america's support for their right to defend themselves. it was president obama's first news conference since being reelected, and it was personal. the cbs reporter daniel nottingham reports the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya has sparked a nasty political battle in washington. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> reporter: at his first news conference since his reelection, the president defended un ambassador susan rice. senators john mccain and lindsey graham say they will block her elevation to secretary of state because of comments she made days after the attack on the consulate in libya. >> for them to go after the un ambassador who had nothing to do
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with benghazi and besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain took exception >> i doubt that the families of these brave americans who were murdered would believe that we are "picking on" anyone. >> reporter: the president also addressed the fiscal cliff. one way to avoid it is to extend tax -- not to extend tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. >> they'll still be wealthy. >> reporter: while john boehner agreed ballparks ises in, he said -- bipartisan cooperation is necessary, he said the president's plan is wrong >> we are not going to hurt our economy. that cia sex scandal highlights the insecurities of e-mail. but there are more ways
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than ever to hide sensitive documents and erase your footsteps. len ramirez shows us how. >> this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. >> reporter: there has always been a need to protect sensitive information. whether it's a corporation dealing with trade secrets or a senator trying to hide an adulterous affair. our information more vulnerable than ever. >> the biggest concern is the security of the information in the cloud. >> reporter: the cloud based in san jose has been doubling in size the last two years by creating software that encrypts e-mail to make it unreadable to any outsider. >> if you're not going through our gateway, all you'd see is gibberish. >> reporter: it's designed as a business security system. >> consumer data. >> reporter: but there's an emerging market for consumer products. remember that
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self-redestructing? message there's an app for that. it decides how long an e-mail can live on your phone before it self-erases. and another service is available for pcs on the web and it'll do the same thing. >> we have given control back to the customer. >> reporter: due to the patriot act, even encrypted e-mails can be searched by law enforcement still, if they have not already been destroyed. a lot of people keep talking about the warriors' new san francisco arena like the game is already over. it's not. the team and supporters of the plan are still working stonail down a neal -- to nail down a deal. >> reporter: as political pitchers go, it was picture-perfect. union workers and apprentices at city hall all giving news that they're going to get the first crack at
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building the new arena that the warriors want to put up on san francisco's waterfront. >> lifting up the economy, getting those jobs, and doing our part. >> reporter: under the terms, 1-4 construction jobs will go to local workers. and half of the apprentice construction jobs gallon to san francisco's youth, like these two cousins. >> what's this mean to you? >> a lot . >> a lot >> it's a big opportunity. >> at the same time , are within this goal too, we're going to accommodate returning veterans from our wars and military to be part of this effort as well. and i'll -- [ cheering and applause ] >> yes. >> reporter: but there was another message. it is a wonderful open space, but the arena and its jobs will be good for the whole city. and organized labor is behind the deal big-time. >> i think it's a big step forward. we have to take a look at the financial components of
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the deal still. >> reporter: residents are feeling that the deal is moving too fast and more attention needs to be paid to the noise and traffic the 200 events a year will mean to the neighborhood. >> i understand why they're pushing things so quickly. but a lot of folks in the neighborhood feel, hey, let's take a step back. >> reporter: maybe. but for now, the full-court press is on. >> the timing of this. is it a coincidence it happens on the same day they start hearings? >> it's planned. i think we're hitting every mile stone that we can. so yes, today's event was planned, it was political, and from what we hear, there's even more to come. record books.
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triplets has tipped the scas right into the record books. jason a sit of sacramento triplets has tipped the scales into the record books!
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>> they arrived november 8th, weighing a combined 20 pounds. it makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours. and eating normal-people meals. >> so you were -- they say eating for two, you really were eating for four? >> i was eating for 17. [ laughter ] >> mom called it the michael phelps diet, and it works. at birth, she weighed a whopping -- and they got a basketball team. >> get off me! >> that's a lot of kids >> 20 pounds! >> cued one -- one more dry day
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before things are going to be changing. not a drop of rain on the doppler, but tomorrow that will change. there are changes coming. beautiful night outside. and temperatures haven't dropped as rapidly as they have recently. get away from the influence of the oceanside, and it is cooler. concord 48. san jose 49, san rafael, your low 48 degrees. things are changing in the atmosphere. so the clockwise swirl? looks like a comma? that's the weather-maker for several days. it makes in tomorrow. it's going to be approaching tomorrow. the first step is cloudy skies. that occurs on thursday. thursday evening into friday morning, we start getting wet. and wave after wave of low pressure is
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going to move through over the course of about three days. it's not going to be an all-day washout. it will be soggy at times. one day that has the most rainfall, sunday! the raiders game looks pretty soggy. san francisco back to normal, 64. sunnyvale, 68, san jose 67, fremont 67. high in antioch, 68. sonoma, 70. mill valley 67. alameda , 68 degrees. of extended forecast, friday morning through the weekend, here's the change. the rain is out of here on monday! good news for the '9ers game. we will have some showers thanksgiving. will he or won't he? the answer on alex smith. and could the warrior s avoid losing their
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with the big man andrew bogut on the shelf, somebody needs to step up for the warriors! things got physical. atlanta's david lee with the tko. and the rookie harrison barnes had a breakout game. cleans up the garbage. 7th overall pick. stefan curry, give and go. and the warriors win 92-88.
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alex smith is back to practice and reportedly cleared to play monday night against the bears after passing a series of concussion tests. >> they might have to if alex keeps taking shots like that. >> i feel good. i felt good today. everything i've gone through, i felt good. it's really not up to me. when your vision is not what if should be, it's difficult. and for me it didn't get better. it wasn't one. these things i could blink off. i went on the sideline, sat down, and just -- it continued to get worse. >> tomorrow i'm going to interview jim harbaugh. and i know what he's going to say. he is going to be coy the rest of the week, forcing the chicago bears to prepare for collin kaepernick. >> we're going to hear the chicago team is unbelievable. >> the best team we've ever faced. and i honestly believe alex may have to sit this one
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out. >> maybe you should just sodo the interview now. [ laughter ] -- >> we're coming back at 11:00. >> just win! ,,,,
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